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Semi-Truck on Overpass

Road Freight Services

We have gained experience and knowledge in the shipping, transport and logistics sector since 2005.

We can offer road transport of any cargo both in gauge and out of gauge.

We deal with heavy and / or exceptional loads of any kind, whether it be construction machinery, agricultural equipment, oil & gas, Transformers, earth-moving machinery or any other oversized load; our experts will be able to manage them, supporting the chosen Partner in a safe and efficient way.

We are very pleased to be able to offer you the following consulting services:

On Transport

Study and design of transport for customers, selecting the operators who will intervene in the various subsequent phases.

On Incoterms

Taking charge of the goods at the port of loading.


On the issue of
transport documents

For the successful completion of the shipment, misunderstandings and delays due to incorrectly issued transport documents must be avoided. The Customer will be assisted in choosing the most suitable transport document depending on whether it is Air, Sea or other transport. Not least for the negotiation of the Letter of Credit.

We will also support you in the issue of Commercial Invoices, Packing Lists and Certifications, if required, to avoid any problem both for Customs Export Formalities and for Customs Import Formalities.

On the letters of credit

Verification of the conditions and documentation required by the Letters of Credit are essential to avoid reservations and payment problems.

Our experienced documentation team will assist you in the verification process and in the preparation of all necessary documentation.

On the packaging
of the shipment

We have specific partners able to assist you in choosing the correct packaging of materials that are shipped by sea, by air or by road.

The packaging will be evaluated according to whether the shipment is groupage or Full Container and also according to the final use as in the case of machinery and vehicles intended for shipbuilding.

About insurance
of goods

With the support of our partner / partner, we are able to guide you in choosing the appropriate insurance based on the method of transport, goods, packaging, transshipment points and all variables of the shipment.

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