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General cargo
Project Forwarding

We have experience in project shipping since 2005. We have coordinated the transportation of materials for various projects around the world. The project includes power plants, Oil & Gas related plants, desalination plants, mining plants, cement plants, production plants, dam projects, bridges, roads, homes, etc.

The projects have been carried out in many parts of the world including:

Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Korea, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Philippines, Ghana, Japan, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Libya, Malaysia, Morocco, Mexico, Mozambique , Nigeria, Oman, Senegal, Sudan, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkmenistan, USA, Uzbekistan, Venezuela, Vietnam and most of Europe

We create tailor-made design solutions for turnkey transport, oversized, sea transport, river barge, exceptional transport and heavy lift.

We offer solutions for all aspects of shipping including loading / unloading, road and naval surveys, documentation, certifications, consultancy and management on any type of collateral service.

  • Project tenders for air, sea, road transport,

  • Full tariff for the transport of onshore and offshore materials

  • Road and site survey

  • Survey of the required documentation, certification required for a project

  • Consultancy to recommend the correct documentation for transport, export and import customs clearance, certificates, letter of credit and the most appropriate INCOTERMS

  • Expertise of cargo / port of loading / port of unloading / construction sites

  • Special transport / Heavy transport

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