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The history of SHL has strong and deep-rooted roots in this sector, which has seen the Fagioli family as a protagonist for over half a century, until today.

Over time, only the great and concrete passion for this profession has remained the same as it was in the beginning, bringing with it the knowledge and experience gained over the years, while technology, ideas and projects have continuously innovated.

With these important and recognized foundations, a dynamic, highly qualified, tech company with experienced, flexible and extremely competent staff, led by Carlo Fagioli, had emerged.

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Sodimax is a young company that was born in 2005, although its foundations are solid, based on the twenty-year experience of its CEO, Massimo Dal Pozzo, in transport and logistics to Africa.

A career as General Manager for West Africa in one of the most important shipping companies leads him to have a concrete and widespread knowledge of African territories and culture, also establishing a concrete and reliable network of contacts.

This same competence has allowed today a development that goes beyond the African continent and develops all over the world.

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We started from here to expand all over the world but Africa remains our Plus


We intervene in every phase of the Project and General Forwarding as organizers of the entire service chain and vertically in every single phase.

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Transport study, planning and scheduling activities

Study and design of transport for customers, selecting the operators who will intervene in the various subsequent phases.

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Taking charge of the transport from the place of origin to the port of embarkation

Taking charge of the goods at the port of loading.

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Transportation from the embarkation airport to the destination airport

Connection phase from the embarkation airport to the destination airport.

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Customs clearance

This phase is present in both the import and export projects of loads.

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Taking charge and transport to the place of destination

Taking charge of the goods to be transported from the port of unloading

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